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Episode 000 – An Introduction to TherapyTech with Rob and Roy

August 05, 2017

Start Here! An introduction to Rob, Roy, and their podcast about technology for mental health clinicians.

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    Meet Rob and Roy!

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    What to expect to hear on TherapyTech with Rob and Roy

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    Will a podcast about technology get stale? Heck no!


Let us know what topics you’d like for us to discuss in future episodes. Entertain us with your story of how we chose “Rob and Roy” over “Roy and Rob. Contact Us.

Episode Transcript
Rob: Therapy Tech With Rob and Roy: the most fun therapists can have, while listening to a podcast about technology.  
Roy: Welcome to Therapy Tech With Rob and Roy. I'm Roy, from Person Centered Tech.  
Rob: And I'm Rob, from Tenure Practice.  
Roy: Hey, Rob. Hey, I had this idea. Maybe you and I should do a podcast.  
Rob: I know! We used to do that video thing, and then we stopped.  
Roy: Why did we stop?  
Rob: We got really busy.  
Roy: Oh, busy-ness. That ruins all the things.  
Rob: I think that's why the podcast makes sense, but it's not only a re-busy, but the people who used to watch our videos and will listen to the podcast are busy, and it's easier to listen to a podcast on the run, than watch a video.  
Roy: It is. It's true, all my friends do it, and so, that's why I figured it's important.  
Rob: Yeah.  
Roy: Yeah. So, that's all I need.  
Rob: So, do we wanna introduce introduce ourselves first? Or should we talk about what we're gonna do?  
Roy: Yeah, why don't we do that? Tell people who you are, including your last name, I suppose.  
Rob: My last name? Oh, yeah, my name's Rob Reinhardt. I'm the CEO of Tame Your Practice, mostly known for the EHR reviews that we do. But we also help people integrate technology in their practice, while complying with HIPPA and ethics. I'm also the Column Editor of the Tech Tutor Column for Counseling Today, and the creator of Describe. I'm also co-host of this great new podcast, called Therapy Tech With Rob and Roy.  
Roy: I love that podcast! What's your professional credentials?  
Rob: Oh, yes. Let's see, I'm an LPCS in North Carolina, so that's Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, so I can supervise new LPCs coming up. And I'm an NCC, and there's probably some other things in there, too. But those are the two.  
Roy: Right.  
Rob: Right?  
Roy: You can attach some more later.  
Rob: Obviously, I related the important ones, yes.  
Roy: Right.  
Rob: What about you, Roy?  
Roy: I'm Roy Huggins, LPC, NCC. I prefer that you pronounce it all correctly, "Roy Huggins, [Lipica, nuccuca 00:01:59]," if you're gonna talk to me about that. But, yeah, so I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, Oregon. We don't add Ss when you're a supervisor. But I'm also not a supervisor, so it doesn't really matter. Yeah, and I'm the director of Person-Centered Tech, a website and company that has a lot of free articles to help people understand tech, in mental health practice, and especially to understand HIPPA, and security things, but also, a lot of ethics.  
So, I do digital ethics, tech ethics, HIPPA. We have online, on demand, continuing education courses. We're approved by NBCC and APA. We also have a membership service, where I get on once a week, for 90 minutes, and members can come and ask me whatever they need to ask me about. In addition to our reviews of products, we review them for risk management needs and HIPPA issues, whereas Rob reviews them for features.  
So, by our powers combined, you get a pretty full review and look at different products out there for mental health tech practice.  
Rob: Boy, it sure sounds like we know a little about technology, and HIPPA, and ethics, between the two of us.  
Roy: Oh, yeah, we know a ton, even though I hate computers.  
Rob: So that means we're gonna talk about, in our podcast, we're gonna talk about things like comic books, and ...  
Roy: Yeah. Oh, I mean, that's the, obviously, and Games of Thrones episodes. Actually, the podcast is just gonna me and Rob talking about the latest Game of Thrones. That's the entire thing.  
Rob: Excellent! No spoilers.  
Roy: No spoilers.  
Rob: No spoilers. Ton of spoilers.  
Roy: Well, I think, as a couple of geeks, we probably do reserve the right to make some references to things like that.  
Rob: Yeah, I think, I definitely reserve that right, quite frequently.  
Roy: Yes.  
Rob: Okay. So ...  
Roy: What we're really gonna talk about in our episodes are technology, and how it relates to our mental health practices. How can we use technology to make our practices more efficient, help our clients, spend more time with our clients by making everything else easier, while also, complying with our codes of ethics, and laws like HIPPA. Right?  
Rob: And, of course, that's ... a lot of where I'll come in is, especially, talking about the ethics issues, and HIPPA issues, but also efficiency issues. 'Cause not all of our topics are gonna be about ethics.  
Roy: So, here's a question, though. Are we just gonna chat, like we are doing right now? Or is it gonna be more structured than that?  
Rob: I have a feeling, from what we've done so far, things are gonna be a little more structured.  
Roy: Yeah, we're not just gonna start talking at an episode, and just say, "Great, Rob and Roy chatted, and that's an episode." They're all gonna have a specific topic.  
Rob: What kind of topics will we talk about, Roy?  
Roy: Well, so far, we've actually recorded our, kind of fundamental episode, about, what are the basic tech needs of a practice? And talking about health records systems online. And talking about online marketing. So you can already see that we've got that wide range of tech and practice, from marketing, to recordkeeping, to ... and we'll talk about ethics and legal issues, later, as well.  
Rob: You know what else is exciting? As much as we know, we don't know it all, and so, we've chosen some pretty excellent guests to come on and help us fill in the gaps of knowledge.  
Roy: So you don't just get us, you also get awesome guests. I mean, really, why wouldn't you subscribe and listen to everything right now?  
Rob: Ah, yes, that's right, it's time to binge listen, folks.  
Roy: Do it! Binge listen. Okay, and every episode will feature a hot tech tip, from Person-Centered Tech, as well as, in your case, Rob, what will it feature?  
Rob: Oh, wee, I'm gonna pull out, if you're not familiar with Describe, it's a deck of cards with related activities that I created for use with your clients. We're gonna pull a random card out, and ask a question, of each and every one of our guests.  
Roy: Yup. So far, it's been pretty good times. It's kind of funny to see how they respond to it.  
Rob: Absolutely. So, Roy, you and I, and certainly our audience, knows that technology moves pretty quickly. It advances pretty quickly. What if somebody's listening to this, two or three years from now? How do they know that what we're saying is still fresh?  
Roy: Two or three years from now? Is that a real thing? Oh, okay, all right. Yeah, well, we could say right now, "It is currently 2017, August 2. So if you're listening to this in 2019, some of the earlier episodes may or may not be fresh." I mean, that's just kind of, a reality, of trying to put media out there. But we're gonna probably try to keep things updated.  
We're not gonna update old episodes. But, for example, we already recorded our episode on online records. If, at some point, we figure that needs to be updated, we'll probably just make another episode on that topic.  
Rob: The great thing about our website is that we can tag things in a way that they can be connected, so, if you happened on one of our older episodes, if there are updates, there'll be some links there that say, "Hey, make sure you're listening to our update episode."  
Roy: That's pretty awesome, Rob. Man, it's almost like we know how to use technology.  
Rob: So, really, you should start with Episode One. After this one, of course, and just start binge listening, and listen to it all. It's chock full of excellent information.  
Roy: It is. Yeah, and honestly, we've been doing this kind of stuff for over five years now, and as much as certainly, these topics do start to get stale, because it's technology, they don't get stale as fast as people might think they do.  
Rob: Yeah, I agree. There's a number of things that we've been saying, over and over again, because they are standards that continue to be in existence.  
Roy: Yeah, yeah, so I wouldn't worry too much about stuff getting out of date, and being stale, but certainly, when it does get that way, we'll make new episodes.  
Rob: The key is, we do our best to keep it fun.  
Roy: Right, that's right, yeah. Definitely, when we're talking about this topic, if we don't keep it fun, I don't know. It has this thing where it's not fun, which is not fun.  
Rob: So, make sure you write in to us. Maybe there's a topic that we haven't covered yet, that you'd like to hear, certainly, write in and let us know, right?  
Roy: How do they find out where to write in, or how to get in contact with us?  
Rob: Oh, all of this stuff we've been talking about, from the show notes, to contacting us, all of it can be accessed through our website, at  
Roy: Did you say, that's therapytech, robroy, dot com?  
Rob: That's therapytech, robroy, dotcom.  
Roy: Man, that's great!  
Rob: Note it's not, royrob.  
Roy: No.  
Rob: It takes years to figure out ... we would have been doing this 20 years ago, except we had this big battle over, "Is it gonna be royrob, or robroy?" We couldn't figure it out.  
Roy: Yeah. Yeah, I know. We finally had to thumb wrestle over it.  
Rob: We thumb wrestled. But you are welcome to make up a better story. In fact, write in with it. We'd love to hear your creative story about how we decided about robroy, over royrob. Maybe Roy and I had an epic World of Warcraft battle.  
Roy: Ooh, it was a baby!  
Rob: We had an open mike reading ...  
Roy: Rap battle.  
Rob: Where we were trying to prove who could better read Maya Angelou poetry.  
Roy: Ooh, that would be pretty cool! Yeah, whatever it is ...  
Rob: You write in, and you ...  
Roy: I'm close to the end of my shame, which, I don't ... so, I don't, I'm not sure I'm gonna like these stories.  
Rob: So you write and you tell us what your creative idea of how we decided to go with robroy, versus royrob, we'd love to hear it.  
Roy: Okay. Yeah, I'd love to hear this story. Just, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to handle reading the end.  
Rob: So again, after you finish this episode, if you're not already there, head right to www., and you can start binge listening to all of our episodes.  
Roy: Great! I really look forward to seeing you there.  
Speaker 3: Thank you for tuning in to Therapy Tech With Rob And Roy. Episode notes and helpful resources can be found at www, dot therapytech.robroy, dot com. Until next time, may your smartphones stay in your pocket, and out of the toilet.  

Title photo by Christian Joudrey on Unsplash

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