Here you will find resources that often get mentioned on TherapyTech with Rob and Roy. Also included are some vendors/products we recommend.  We have established affiliate relationships with some of these vendors. These tend to be related to products Rob and/or Roy use or have vetted.

Note: You will find more detailed resources on each episode page, related to that episode’s topic.

In no particular order:

Encrypted email service with vendor that will sign BAA

Feature-rich Practice Management System for mental health professionals and sponsor of TherapyTech
You can get a $1 setup fee and the 1st month free by using one of the these two coupon codes (you choose!): ROYROB or ROBROY

The deck we draw the Describe question from!  A deck of 104 cards with over a dozen activities suitable for individuals, groups, and families ages 8+. Deck Two available for a limited time!

SiteGround is the host of this web site! Affordable and, in our experience, quality customer service.

Brighter Vision offers managed hosting services for those who want help with web site design, without the steep initial expense.

Title photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

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